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Grupo Interfaz is a company created in 2002, founded with capital and Costa Rican talent, we consolidate as a strategic ally of important local and regional brands in Central America, we incorporate human resources from different countries who collaborate in leadership and execution of projects.

About Us


Our Services

We develop strategies, create solutions and design experiences to maximize the business value of our clients, selecting the best human resources, processes, technology according to the business model and methodologies that promote teamwork and decision making during projects.


    Focused on meeting the needs of our customers with tailor-made solutions using industry standards and best practices.


    We work with our clients to define the best user experience strategy based on the key objectives of the business, the market and the positioning of their products or services.


    Based on on-premises services, private, hybrid and public clouds. Allowing to manage 24x7 services that support the continuity of your business.


    Services designed based on the genuine understanding of the customer needs, the business needs and the purpose of the service.


    Specialists highly qualified and certified in technologies and platforms, that support you in the analysis, execution and implementation of your projects.

PYME Certificada

Grupo Interfaz is a company with Costa Rican capital, with PYME certification by Ministerio de Economía, Industria y comercio de Costa Rica (MEIC).

  • Comunication Success

  • Confidence Team Work

  • Planning Business

  • Strategy Effiency

Our Experience

We have developed solutions and strategies for our clients in areas such as Banking and Finance, Asset Control, Distribution Chains, After-Sales Services, Electronic Commerce, Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Advertising, Social Networks, e-Learning, among others.

We know that success is in providing excellent customer service with resources of the highest quality, applying cutting-edge work methodologies and provid


We work with the latest technologies, trends and international best practices. We design optimized solutions applying the technologies and best practices in each case. Because not all solutions can be designed in the same way we help you create the best one for your organization.


Keep your information solutions up to date and you will see how your processes improve and your business grows. We are experts in technology, dedicate more time to your business and let us support your technological advance.

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